X Games ESPN

I’m very grateful I could do this video with Matt Wybenga for ESPN.com. It’s hard explaining my dedication for surfing and tattooing to people. How do I explain a love for something like surfing or tattooing? Thanks Matt, for helping me share my passion. espn.go.com

Stab City Book

When my good friend Ross Nagle asked me to be a part of his new book I was honored indeed. Scorpion Front Publishing has put together some of my favorite books and I knew that this one would be a hit. If you’d like to order yours go right here, http://www.scorpionfront.com/

Here are some details about the book, copy and pasted form the site:

Imagined by Ross Nagle of All Star Ink in Limerick Ireland, this highly anticipated book featuring the top 200 artists from around the globe will be an instant classic in the already rich tattoo book lineage.

- Over 100 pages

- Double reinforced Case binding with gold stamping

- 11″x14″

- Over 200 World Famous Artists

- Edition of 1000

- Special Edition of 100

Name That Machine

Can anyone name every one of these machines? Who ever gets closest in the next 24hrs will get a care package from me of a print, bag of tattoo pen’s and I will donate $100 to Barbells For Boobs in your name. Go to my Instagram to play.

My Recent Travels

If you follow my instagram then you have already seen most of these tattoos. It is still nice to see tattoos that aren’t on a two inch by two inch screen, we shouldn’t limit are judgement to instagram or any social media for that matter. Anyhow, here is a gallery of most of my recent tattoos from my trip to London, Brighton and San Angelo. Thanks for looking.

Mack Machines ~ Jonesy No-Back

I am now carrying the Jonesy No-Back Machines on SWTattooSupply.com. Ben Mack is the man who originated this design, he made one for me years ago and I still use it to shade big mags now and then, I love that machine. If you like supporting other tattooers who make a good hand made product then you should own a Ben Mack Machine. To order a machine go to my supply site at www.swtattoosupply.com.

The 9 and 9 ~ With Lucky Olelo

This Months 9 and 9 is with my friend Lucky Olelo. Lucky hails from the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Oahu, a place I am quite fond of and have family ties to. I had the privilege of getting to know Lucky years ago and got to know him even better while traveling through Thailand together. I have a photo of Lucky sticking his hand up to a giant spider we saw in Thailand, I needed a size comparison to how big the spider was, Lucky’s face in the photo is priceless(see below photo). One of the many things I like about Lucky, aside from his all around positive demeanor, is that he is more than just a solid tattooer. Lucky is a well rounded artist in general, working with many medias(even photography) and executing them well. If you’re a Hawaiian Native, or just passing through to enjoy the Islands, stop by and get tattooed from this man, you won’t be let down. If you would like to see more of Lucky’s work check out his IG at @luckyolelo or go visit him at Soul Signature Tattoo.


1. Where did you learn to tattoo?  In Hawaii shortly after high school. I was fortunate enough to meet Orly Locquiao, who gave me my first glimpse into the tattoo world. With his help along side Suluape Aisea Toetu’u, Frederick “Po’oino” Yourundi, and Mike Ledger, I apprenticed under “New Tribal Tattoo’ in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

2. There are so many different types of tattoo styles now days. Do you try and specialize in any certain one?  I personally don’t think I have a certain style but people seem to be able to pick it out. I was heavily influenced by Polynesian, Japanese and Graffiti style culture and tattoos, so I’m sure some of those aspects show a lot in my pieces. I thinks its great to excel at one style but living in Hawaii and coming from a street shop that did walk-in and custom work did not provide me that type of opportunity, but I’m grateful for what it taught me.

3. Has tattooing gotten over saturated in Hawaii as well?  YES! more than you could ever imagine…

4. Did you have to tattoo a lot of tourists when you started out?  YES! more than you could ever imagine…

5. If so, how many turtles do you think you’ve done?  MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE… haha, But on the real I love turtles, how could you not. We joke about it but imagine living in bum-fu*k no where and coming to Hawaii for the first time and seeing a sea turtle… You’d be stoked too!… So stoked you’d want to put one near your sexy time parts and have to explain the story 10 years later when you’re getting busy with your new boyfriend!

6. With the growing generation of social networking, do you think Instagram is good for tattooing or bad? Or both?  A very good question that I’m sure we’ve all talked about amongst friends…

The idea of it is great. I love taking and sharing photos and experiences. Its a great way to share work and ideas and it bridges the gap between people that would normally never have the opportunity to meet or see each others work in person. Personally I think it’s a great tool that I use often for work and advertising events.

There is a huge down side to this monster though…

Nothing is sacred anymore and with the push of a button everyone’s seen everything, knows everything, thinks they’re the best at everything… Artist’s identities revolving around likes, shit talking and BS comments, customers and artist become very impersonal and unprofessional, people stealing each others drawings/styles and or replicating it at a significantly lower quality (we’ve all seen it time and time again on social media) its gotten really bad. I guess its all what you make and take from it right?… I try to keep clear of the BS and just have fun with it though. “Spread the Aloha”

7. I know you travel because we’ve roamed South East Asia together, are there any places you have plans to visit in the near future?  I’m just kind of going with the flow but I would love to do Europe and Japan this year. I would also like to do a few conventions this year too if possible. Fingers crossed but I think Soul Signature will be attending the convention in Tahiti, I’ve never been so that would be awesome.

8. Besides tattooing, what’s your favorite media to work with? Watercolor and mixed media usually. Some Aerosol here and there. I recently got an iPad so I’ve been trying to do a bit of digital work (its really hard) but nothing beats good ol’ fashion drawing

9. What projects are you working on at the moment?  We are in the process of renovating our shop so thats been a big project. Pow Wow Hawaii is coming up real soon and I will be participating in that. Also plan to throw another annual Skate Deck Art show. With the help of artists and APB, the proceeds go to funding/fixing up local skate parks. Also some of the boys from Soul Signature will be going to back to Tonga & Samoa this year to share not only tattooing but mainly sterilization techniques for the people there. It would be very interesting if I got to tag along this year. There’s probably a lot more that i just can’t think of at the moment.


FST – On The Shoulders Of Giants

My friend, and fellow tattooer, Stewart Robson has been working on a film for a while now; collecting interviews and footage from the shop he works at named Frith Street Tattoo(FST).  Part one is finished and is for sale on Copperhead Editions. I was privileged enough to view this via live stream. This 45 minute piece not only made me proud to be a guest artist at FST, but it made me proud to be a tattooer in general. Some of the things Chad Koeplinger said made me emotional to hear, words of love and sacrifice. I am blessed to have the Frith Street Family in my life and look forward to every trip to London when I get to walk down those famous stairs, step inside that basement and get greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces, it’s as close to ‘magic’ as it gets for me. Thank you Stewart, for such a humble and respectful attitude toward tattooing and for always bringing goodness to the table.

Perseverance ~ JANM

The Japanese American National Museum

A photographic exhibition by Kip Fulbeck, exploring the artistry and master craftsmanship of traditional Japanese tattooing.

Curated by Takahiro Kitamura, the exhibition features the work of seven internationally acclaimed Japanese tattooers Chris Horishiki BrandHoritakaHoritomoMiyazoShige,Junii, and Yokohama Horiken as shown in life-sized photographs by Fulbeck.

Revered as an art form worldwide for centuries, the Japanese tattoo has a long and tumultuous history with the country of its origin. Tattooing and tattooed individuals have been persecuted and stigmatized throughout Japan—including prohibitions on public display, work requirements specifying tattoo coverage (or the complete absence of tattoos), even the outlawing of the practice itself. Many of these bans are still in effect today.

Despite this negative public pressure and government repression, the Japanese tattoo tradition has not only persevered, it has thrived. Now practiced in various forms throughout the world, traditional Japanese Tattooing is internationally renowned for its artistry, lineage, historical symbolism, and skill.

PERSEVERANCE will investigate and showcase the breathtaking artistry of the Japanese Tattoo through the works of over 30 of the world’s leading contemporary tattoo artists.

The exhibition will also include Don Ed Hardy, Colin Horisou Baker, Stan Corona, Espi, Chris Garver, Jeff Gogue, Regino Gonzales, Jill Horiyuki Halpin, Tim Hendricks, Horikazu 4, Horikiku, Horitoshi Family Horizakura, Timothy Hoyer, Jakoh, Henning Jorgensen, Brian Kaneko, Robert Klem, Chad Koeplinger, Adrian Lee, L.A. Horitaka, Lil’ Tokyo Jiro, Sulu’ape Steve Looney, Chris O’Donnell, Chuey Quintanar, Kahlil Rintye, Stewart Robson, Mike Rubendall, Evan Skrederstu, Small Paul, Luke Stewart, The Grime, Tomo, and Dan Wysuph.

For updates about this exhibition, check Kip Fulbeck’s Facebook page for the show:facebook.com/JANMTattooShow

Cover Up

Covering up tattoos is never the easiest thing to do. I always recommend people get laser treatment a few times before the attempt is made, which in this case my friend Demian had laser 5 times(I think). This was as good as it was going to lighten, so we went for it. Roses definitely make easier cover ups, you can maneuver and manipulate the petals and leaves to fit the old tattoo. Anything left over I just knocked out with some flesh color ink that I matched with his skin tone, and voilà, it is covered. I’m sure I might need a touch up once totally healed but hey, that’s life.

New Back Piece

One of the best parts of tattooers career, in my opinion, is accomplishing backpieces. It takes many factors to finish a clients back, such as patience, experience, the right tools, etc. The most important part in finishing backpieces I feel is dedication though, on both parts. My good friend Ryan Hurley(who’s butt is in your face) takes top of the list of devoted clients. We met just about every Sunday and Wednesday at Gold Rush Tattoo and worked for 2-3 hours every time for four months. I don’t care how tough you think you are, getting tattooed that much can break even the highest of pain tolerances. My hat goes off to him. I am so grateful to have the opportunities in my career to lay down big tattoos like this on such good people. I hope you enjoy looking at this tattoo as much as I enjoyed making it. – Tim Hendricks

PS – Thanks to talented Derek Bahn for the lovely photo of Ryan’s back (above)

Miami Foot Tattoo

This was the last tattoo I made in Miami on my recent trip.  I had not made a pin-up on the foot in quite some time, eight years maybe. So, needless to say I was  delighted. I just hope it heals ok, if I get some healed pics Ill post them for ya, thanks for looking.

Two New Frame Designs ~ by custom order only

Here are my two new frame designs that I’ve been working on. The one on the right is called the Diamond Dog and the one on the left I have yet to be named. It’s such an odd frame design I haven’t been able to put my finger on a name yet, so I’m waiting for a name to present itself to me. If you’d like to order one of these frames please call us at 818-519-8848 or email us at saltwatertattoosupply@gmail.com

thanks for looking and thanks for your support – Tim

Hurley Anti-Canvas ~ 5th Annual

Hurley and Contrast Magazine are proud to present the 5th annual The Anti Canvas: a showcase of boardshort art for charity on Saturday December 21, 2013 at Honolulu Night Market, an all-ages, block party held on the third Saturday of every month from 6-11pm.

Proceeds will benefit Waves For Water and their efforts in the Philippines with victims of Typhoon Haiyan as well as the Hawaii Foodbank. Entry is free and doors open at 6 pm for the art show and silent auction. This unique art event raised over $18,000 dollars for various charities since 2009.

The Anti Canvas: a showcase of boardshort art for charity utilizes “sublimation” to transfer original artwork from 25 local and international artists onto a pair of Hurley Phantom boardshorts. This manufacturing method preserves the integrity and details of the original artwork and designs. Some of the top artists this year include John John Florence, Clark Little, C.R. Stecyk III, Tim Hendricks, Keoni Payton, Aaron Kai, Carl Pao and Dana Paresa. Please find a full list of artists participating in the 5th annual The Anti Canvas: a showcase of boardshort art for charity below.

Aaron Kai
Aly Ishikuni
Ara Laylo
Bradie Shemke
C.R. Stecyk III
Carl Pao
Casey Ryder
Clark Little
Dana Paresa
Derek Bahn
Dietrich Varez
Graham Curran
Jay Takumi
John John Florence
John Paul Olson
Jon Rose
Kate Adams
Keoni Payton
Marc Dean Veca
Mitch McEwen
Nat Woolley
Remi Mead
Shaun Castro
Tim Hendricks